Not known Details About Tong Balm Male Delay Cream

A good deal of men get a bit too excited and wind up finishing before they are ready. Tong Balm from Adam & Eve is a male delay lotion which helps you last longer. Other man enhancers or postpone sprays feature strange ingredients which sadly do not work.

Tong Balm is a male delay lotion that has been used for centuries. This premature ejaculation therapy works extremely well and after a few uses, you will observe the benefits keep getting greater and greater. Apply the delay lotion on the tip of their penis or just underneath the head for best results. Just a small bit of the manhood desensitizer goes a ways and you may experiment and determine what works best for youpersonally. If you want to last longer in bed and retain the sex going for hours, this balm is the ideal delay cream for men. My boyfriend has been using it for many years and swears by it.

It has given my best delay cream boyfriend and I an added boost that we didn't even know we needed. Results may vary, but one thing is for sure, you'll get the penile enhancement you need and last more the more you practice. Practice makes perfect and Tong Balm is the most fun way to get you to optimal sexual performance.

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